2 Tonne Tree Bracing Kit - 3 Set

The BOA tree bracing system is designed and patented by Dr Ing Lothar Wessolly. He first invented the Cobra bracing system and in 2005 founded a new company and brand to further develop tree care products. Boa tree bracing system is highly functional and conforms to German Standard ZTV-Baumpflege. It is available in three size ratings and is sold in kits or individual components. It is one of the most advanced tree bracing systems in the world.??Features include: ?? 12 year effective life?? Available in 2, 4 and 8 tonne systems?? Integrated energy absorbers?? Colour coded installation date discs?? Easy installation and splicing?? Sold in kits or individual components?? Independently load tested rope?? Conforms to German Standard ZTV-Baumpflege??Kit Content:?Makes up to 3 braces. 20 m rope, 6 expansion insert (100 cm), 5 m anti-abrasion hose, 3 colour coded disc, 3 shock absorber, 1 gliding tape (5 m)