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Rock Exotica OMNI RECALL

December 22, 2022

Rock Exotica OMNI RECALL


The button assembly on a limited number of 1.1” Omni Swivel Pulleys and associated variants may not be secure. If the button comes out the side plate can open, allowing the rope to fall out which can result in serious injury or death. It was discovered that a small number of pulleys manufactured from February 2020 through October 2022 may not have had adequate thread locker or sealant, allowing the set screw to back out. Under normal circumstances, either the thread lock or sealant is adequate to secure the button and prevent this issue.

Rock Exotica is issuing a recall for Omni Block 1.1” style pulleys, manufactured from February 2020 through October 2022. These pulleys must be returned to us for inspection / repair.

Rock Exotica is also issuing an inspection notice for all Omni Block style pulleys made from 2018 through October 2022. Pulleys can be inspected by the user / competent person, or if you are not comfortable doing the inspection, you can return it to us for inspection. Inspection criteria is detailed at the end of the document.

Additionally, as a reminder, all products should be inspected before and after each use. For Omni pulleys, the buttons and set screws should be a part of this inspection, along with checking for cracks / deformation / corrosion, the action of the side plate, sheave and swivel eye, bolts, and general condition. Accordingly, we are including supplementary information on checking the button set screws for earlier Omnis made before 2018.

Recall Notice for Omni 1.1” Pulley Variants, 20050xxx through 22304xxx: Stop Use, Remove from Service & Return to Rock Exotica
Follow these steps to determine if your Omni Pulley is subject to recall:
a) Verify the model number of your Omni Pulley as a 1.1” variant.
b) Find the serial number on your Omni Pulley.
c) IF the serial number falls on or within the range of 20050xxx to 22304xxx, then your Omni Pulley is subject to recall and must be returned to Rock Exotica. Follow the instructions on page 4 to return your pulley for inspection or repair.
d) All other pulleys must be inspected according to section 2 below.

Identifying Your Omni Pulley Model
Use the information below to identify your model, matching the correct part number along with the description.

Rock Exotica 1.1” Omni Variants:

Part # Description
P54 Omni-Block 1.1” (Single)
P54-B Omni-Block 1.1” (Single/Black)
P54 D Omni-Block 1.1” (Double)
P54 D-B Omni-Block 1.1” (Double/Black)
P54 SB-B Omni-Block 1.1” SwivaBiner Top Single/Black)
P54 D SB-B Omni-Block 1.1” SwivaBiner Top (Double/Black)

For more information, including identifying your serial number, and what to do with your pulley, how to inspect, please visit:


To lodge a Recall Submission for units purchased in Australia, please visit:

Australian Recall Submission Form

To download the full recall notice as a PDF, 'click here'.